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About Us

Tax Specialist


When you want to reduce your income tax payments, it’s important to find an experienced partner to prepare your taxes. A28 Tax Consulting can implement processes unique to your financial management needs. Our account managers understand the complex requirements for avoiding IRS penalties. Navigating the tax system is not a magical act it requires proper knowledge and implementation. 

Year-Round Financial Support


Proper tax filing and record keeping requires a significant amount of year-round administrative efforts. At A28 Tax Consulting, we are there for you throughout the year. Our experts also monitor tax law changes and source available benefits that can help business owners of all income levels. We provide consistent and reliable financial support for our clients. 

Guided By Ethics


Our guarantee is to produce income tax savings with integrity at our core. A28 Tax Consulting works to increase your refund and decrease your tax bill with a standard of service that values compliance. Our experts drive results that are in adherence to IRS state and federal regulations. We help you achieve desired solutions within an ethical manner.